Ways to Collect

There are several popular ways to collect and assemble the National Park quarters of 2010-2021

There are several ways to collect and enjoy the new national parks and historic sites quarters that begin in January 2010 and continue through 2021. However, bear in mind that mint Uncirculated and specially made Proof quarters offer you full design details and the finest surfaces. These Uncirculated and Proof coins are preferred by most collectors, and will give you an heirloom-quality collection you’ll be proud to pass down to your children or grandchildren some day.

One coin of each national park or site design

Some collectors will be satisfied to assemble one coin of each design, without regard for mint mark, for a total of 56 different quarters through the 12-year program (all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the 5 U.S. territories – Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands).

A Complete Uncirculated P&D Set

Other collectors will strive to assemble a complete Uncirculated set of the national parks and historic sites commemorative quarters – containing Philadelphia “P” mint mark coins and Denver “D” mint mark coins for each of the 56 designs – a total of 112 different P&D quarters from 2010-2021.

Complete Uncirculated & Proof Collection

For the ultimate complete set, you will want to assemble all 112 Uncirculated P&D quarters, as well as all 56 “S” mint mark clad Proofs and all 56 “S” mint mark Proofs struck in 90% fine silver. This will give you a total of 224 beautiful, premium-quality National Park quarters.

Complete Uncirculated P&D Roll Set

Another exciting way to collect the new quarter series is to assemble Uncirculated 40-coin rolls of Philadelphia “P” mint mark and Denver “D” mint mark coins of each issue (a total of 80 quarters). You can get Uncirculated P&D rolls of each new National Park design from Littleton as soon as the coins are available.

Display and protect your collection with exclusive albums and folders

Littleton will offer Uncirculated and Proof versions of every new commemorative quarter as it becomes available. Littleton also offers a full line of archival-quality display folders and albums for all your collecting needs and interests. We look forward to helping you build a rewarding collection that your family will enjoy for generations.

Littleton’s collector club builds your collection the fun, easy way!

You can also collect this exciting series with Littleton’s custom collectors club! You’ll be guaranteed to get the Uncirculated P&D issues, the Clad and Silver Proofs, plus a colorized version of each design. And the coins are delivered right to you in convenient and affordable shipments for your RISK-FREE examination!