Chaco Culture National Historical Park honored 12th in National Park Quarter series

Located in northwestern New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park honors the pre-Columbian cultural center that thrived in the face of adversity hundreds of years ago. Established in 1907, Chaco Culture is the 12th site featured in the 2010-2021 National Park Quarter Series.

Cliff dwellings in Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Cliff dwellings in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon

Beginning in the mid-800s A.D., a series of immense buildings, or pueblos, were constructed in present-day New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon. Built by the Anasazi Indians, these structures were amazing in their scope. Even in an area that saw little rainfall and a short growing season, this pre-Columbian culture lasted over 300 years.

Through the years, the area has been extensively researched, and numerous artifacts have been unearthed. One of the park’s main attractions is the building known as Pueblo Bonito. The most researched of all the park’s buildings, it is thought to have been up to 5 stories high, with as many as 800 rooms.