New commemorative quarters to be minted from 2010‑2021

National Park Quarters honor revered sites and locations

An exciting new 12-year coin series from the United States Mint is celebrating America’s most cherished and significant natural and historical places. The new commemorative quarter series will honor a national park or other national site in each of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and the 5 U.S. territories – a total of 56 different coinage designs to be minted from 2010 to 2021.

The national parks and sites in each state, district and territory were selected as being “the most appropriate in terms of natural or historic significance.” Final site selections were made by the Secretary of the Treasury, after consultation with the Secretary of the Interior and the chief executive of each state, district or territory.

The criteria for design approval and selection include “aesthetic beauty, historical accuracy, authenticity, appropriateness, and coinability.” Final design selections are also made by the Secretary of the Treasury, after consultation and review by the Secretary of the Interior, the Commission of Fine Arts, and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

Like the popular Statehood quarter series of 1999-2008, and the District of Columbia & U.S. Territories quarters of 2009, the special designs will be featured on the reverse or “tails” side of the new quarters. A portrait of George Washington will continue on the obverse or “heads” side. Five new national park quarters will be released each year from 2010-2020, and one final quarter in 2021, in the order that the locations were established as national parks or national sites.

The new coin program is expected to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the U.S. National Park System, and will highlight popular natural and historic areas and sites within each state, district, and territory.

Littleton will offer Uncirculated and Proof versions of each new quarter as it becomes available, and is offering an exclusive line of classic and full-color albums and folders for the 12-year series. Please use the links above and to the right for more information about this new program honoring America’s revered national parks, historic sites, and other preserved locations.